I will definitely STAY!

The championship is not finished yet, but the market, as everyone knows already goes in the living before the end of the season. The five attackers of Juventus are playing the reconfirmation, aware that may all remain in case of exploit in the final part of the season, how could they leave almost everyone, in case of failure to achieve the goals and of abstinence in front of goal. 

Wanting to make a small dealing room we can summarize the list: confirmed, almost confirmed and uncertain, also including the percentage of possible new arrivals. 

CONFIRMED: Mirko Vucinic: 90% for confirmation. For him the chance of remaining are very high. The player has played almost always and is’ the true irreplaceable of Antonio Conte. We would very surprised not to see then the Montenegrin in Turin next season. 

ALMOST CONFIRMED: Alessandro Matri: High rates for confirmation for Mitra Matri. The best Juventus striker almost certainly will be confirmed. Percentages close to 80% for him, but beware, if an offer came over fifteen million somebody could hesitate. Fabio Quagliarella: 65% for him applies the speech of Alessandro Matri, even if the situation Quagliarella all to be evaluated. Fabio is beloved by the fans, but has yet to fully recover from injury. Also worth seeing if he will accept a role as a not holder in rose or to pursue fixed holder elsewhere. The season finale will be decisive, for that matter is enough a goal to overturn the odds. 

VERY UNCERTAIN: Marco Borriello: major clouds over him. Is ‘on loan, has a great wage and has not scored. Ability to stay? To date less than 30%, but Borriello, if will do from here to end a season a good run could overturn the odds. 

Alessandro Del Piero: the myth deserves separate note. For he applies the speech of Mr. X, in the sense that if he wants could even stay for groped the adventure in the Champions League with a role similar to that of Ryan Giggs in Manchester. The future will decide the same Del Piero, if he would remain will make happy all the people of Juventus

OBJECTIVES: Made 100 the total, the cake Juventus will play Higuain, Dzeko, Suarez, Gaston Ramirez 

In the front row Gaston Ramirez to 35%. Higher percentages of the other for two reasons: the first is cheaper, second, with Bologna there is feeling. For 20 million could arrive in Turin. Dzeko 25%, Suarez 25%. Dzeko and Suarez, albeit with different characteristics will play the role of the striker with a license to “kill”, in short, the goal scorer. Dzeko would be the preferred characteristics for, Suarez the opportunity, for both in short at least 25% chance to arrive in Turin. Higuain fourth name. The Argentine for the moment is 15%, but the chances may increase if the Real seriously will put him on the market and if Chelsea do not to qualify for the next Champions. The number one contender over the London team is Manchester City. 

OPTIONS TO COMPLEMENT: It must be remembered that Juventus will almost certainly complete attack of the Italian players. Mattia Destro in the front row, that should arrive by the good relations with Genoa (see Immobile deal) and Siena (see so many past business). A separate subject is related to Sebastian Giovinco. If you should arrive Gaston Ramirez, we think Giovinco can hardly reach Turin. Easier, if one came to Turin from Dzeko, Suarez, Higuain, then Giovinco would be the second striker or playmaker useful to light the attacker. 

Summing up the dealing room of today tells us that the strikers for next season will be: Vucinic, two to choose from Matri, Quagliarella and the new Mister X, Ramirez or Giovinco and a young (Mattia Destro?). 

source: tuttojuve.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise