It has started with Fiorentina, general strike of the team, not playing like Juve and a suffered draw in a difficult field. The strike had continued tuesday in many Italian cities after eighteen hours. Probably someone at the stadium has become to influenced and continued with the strike at the stadium, the public too silent, frankly we respect everyone and everything but maybe today was not the right occasion. If the players noticed who have suffered much and maybe have adapted to the unreal atmosphere and a little warm. It came out a suffered draw with Juventus went often in pain.

No drama, of course, everything can be remedied, but it serves a turning because we all know that the opponent was tough and it was to beat at home. Need a turning by all, because the stadium half empty is heavy, as heavy to not support a team that until now has done very well. We in our small continue to say that the team must be helped always, we hope that soon the Stadium will be united, and the next home match with Napoli … you can not joke. 

 source:; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS