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The football is not an exact science and opinions are, well, questionable. The numbers, however, although can offer, depending on how they are interpreted, several points for discussion, are and remain numbers. And, according to statistics reported by some sites, so we tried to construct arguments that were not built on opinions, but supported by the numbers themselves. 

Juventus have played 21 games so far in the league, AC Milan 22. Nevertheless, Juventus is the first in the standings with 45 points, Milan second with 44. Only two teams have so far kept possession of the ball for more than 60%. In this particular ranking, the first is Juventus (63% at home, 58% away), Milan is second (62% home and 58% away). In the direct match, the possession was 60% for Juventus and 40% to AC Milan. In addition, Juventus is the only one never dropped below 50% (with a minimum of 53%, against Udinese). 

In the ranking of teams that have shot towards goal, Juventus is first with 287 shots in 21 games, second with 261 are Rome (in 21 games) and Milan (in 22). If we limit the analysis to only pull in the finished face of the goal, the first is still Juventus with 152, while Milan is second with 132. Yet, to date Milan has produced 43 goals, Juventus only 33. Either the opponents goalkeeper reminiscent of being phenomena only against Juve, or Juve forwards shot too slowly or poorly, with little conviction. 

In any case, be the first for ball possession, and while the first with the number of shots on goal also for number of shots in the mirror, implies that Juventus spends most of the time with the ball into the opponent’s half, mainly engaged in actions of attack. Furthermore, Juventus have made ​​most of its networks due to insertions of midfielders, so far more prolific then strikers (16 goals scored against 13), while pulling very little from outside the box. 

Sometimes, the actions of goals can be interrupted and undermined by failures which, if committed within the penalty area, are punished by awarding the penalty kick. 

If you look at the penalties taken, Juventus is in the second half of the table, with 3 penalties against (one of which was realized), while AC Milan is last, having conceded only one penalty against (realized). Instead, the list of the penalties in favor AC Milan is the first with 6 (all realized), while Juventus is the twentieth and last, with only one penalty in favor of (realized). 

The numbers show that the team top of the list despite playing a game less, which has dominated all the matches played so far, who spends more time in the rival midfield and area, shootinh in goal and in the mirror of all the other … is the team that, despite all this, received less penalties! 

This is the Serie A 2011/12, this is the miracle of Antonio Conte’s Juventus, against everything and everyone. 

source: ju29ro.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise