Giulia Bongiorno

ROME, Aug. 9, 2012 – The Disciplinary will publish on the site Federal tomorrow morning their decisions. There is a need – all of the Football Association – not to create shadows on the various manifestations of its components, and this morning, in Florence, are drawn the calendars for Pro League 
The curiosity Antonio Conte will not sit on the bench of Juventus on the occasion of Super Cup on Saturday due to the disqualification of ten months that will be imposed. But it is worth remembering that if there hadn’t been no “emergency procedure”, the fact that the ruling was announced Friday, the disqualification would have enter in effect only Saturday. But thanks to the time delay Conte would have begun to serve a stop at Super Cup already been played. Instead, since it is a process with “emergency procedure and abbreviated terms”, the sentence is immediately enforceable at the time when there is the publication of the announcement on the official website of the FIGC. Will be free to play Bonucci and Pepe, though, because for them it will go to the acquittal. 

 Source: GdS (article by Maurizio Galdi)

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS