This is the Poster inside Juve’s locker room! 😉

TURIN, April 24, 2012 – Collective, collective, collective. And again collective. A group, or team, or unity of purpose. Here they are the core concepts on which Antonio Conte has not done anything but defeat and insist (even) after the overwhelming success as fundamental in optic Scudetto – remedied Sunday night against Roma. Concepts that also have to echo returned again yesterday – to Vinovo where even the president himself went Andrea Agnelli – and still reverberate until the target … The speech is simple: if Juventus, Juventus of Conte, arrived at the top of the ranking is by virtue of a renewed overview of things, a unity of purpose that clearly first was not as built. By the way: the team that beat the yellow and red for 7/11 was composed of players present already last year, yet another demonstration of the fact that the Countinho of Salento has worked well up on the minds of his boys. 

MORE THAN THE GOALS! To feel, to believe: “This is a team which emphasizes the collective, against Roma has been devastating: devastating Vidal, devastating Vucinic, devastating Barzagli, devastating Buffon … In short, devastating the collective. Someone points out that the attackers score little? And I’m happy even if score little, because if they do not think to put it in there anyway others to think about it. For me presses that there in front they participate in the action, we make sacrifices. Here there won’t arrive nobody who lives only for the goal: I want people who thinks first for the good of the team and then the to himself ” And guess what: there are 17 Juventus players who have scored in team. A gloss on Vucinic, Sunday evening: “I thank those who attacked him from Rome, before the game: has made us a favor seeing the feedback that Mirko had. And this is the spirit that we must have: an answer on field rather than destabilize us. ” 

LUNCH In short, it is a veritable mantra: united, a collective , team. A little ‘hollyebenjiano as the ball is your best friend, so to speak. Concept forcibly inculcated in the minds of Bianconeri: to the sound of speeches, but also to the sound of subliminal messages. Yes, because – as we revealed in exclusive report published on Tuttosport – Vinovo sports center is covered by an explanation, given up, which is a hymn to the “collaboration”, is the title of the cartoon. A simple drawing and simple proof of foreigners in language difficulties – discovered by the collaborator of Conte, Angelo Alessio – which gives an idea of how two donkeys (or persons, or football players) linked together can achieve all the objectives if working in agreement, but anyone to think about it to each their own backyard. Or the pile of hay. Give and give, be persistent and explain, draws and shows, it does seem that the Conte’s boys are now in a soundly position. In this case, remains the symbols of the drawing, willing there is way to devote themselves to League and then go to Coppa Italia … 

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva)
adapted by: Mike Prise