It is Tevez 3.0, “the football robot” perfectly designed by Conte and Allegri. And from the daughter! Yes, because the comparison with the robot is not accidental, given the exultation in breakdance style that has characterized the second goal last night. After the shirts to remember the poor neighborhoods and forgotten of his Buenos Aires, Carlitos has chosen something more “light“, mimicking a ballet to the stage where his family attends matches of Juventus.

It was not a casual gesture, but something worked out with his daughter Florencia (7 years), the eldest daughter of the family that in addition to Katie (3 years) has recently seen arriving Lito Junior (seven months). The secret was revealed by Tevez himself last night with a tweet:

“You are the creator of robot! Daughter I love you”

adapted in english from an article of Guido Vaciago form