MILAN, February 3, 2012 – If it were Nadal-Djokovic we would be 6-4 at first set. Instead it is Juve-Milan and after the first half (ie the first part of the season) Juventus are ahead. But it’s early for the match-ball: from here to May there is time to overturn the result. More difficult to assign a “wild card” to the outsider: the fight Scudetto seems now to two, although Udinese, Lazio and M***A are not quite out. 

1. CALENDAR (1-0)From here in the spring Juventus, already at +1, can dramatically lengthen. Reasons? Recovering with Parma (apparently February 15) has in the meantime the smash of +4. Also challenging more affordable opponents (Siena, Bologna, Catania, Chievo, Genoa, Fiorentina) while Milan have been drawn to Naples, Udinese, Palermo. Finally for Milan there twice clash of the Champions League with Arsenal that will drain nervous energy as well as physical. In between, however, three direct matches (including two in the semi of Italy Cup): can move standings and psychological balance. Not to mention that the title of winter champions already assigned to Juve for 68% chance to win the Scudetto: 1-0 and change the field. 

2. EXPERIENCE (1-1)Here, no contest. From Nesta to Ibra, via Van Bommel and Seedorf, the Milan is a group of old satanised to Kit Carson, which has seen the Indians and the Civil War: to get accustomed at the end of the season to fighting on three fronts, not fear surprises , at most some ailment. At Juventus, Buffon and Pirlo excluded, the required mentally is to be discovered. 

3. PHYSICAL CONDITION (2-1)Juve runs. Runs from August: if the pace in the early days was less flashy, the cause was more of the use of modules not adequate to the players. Once chosen the 4-3-3 was an awesome ride with only one real stop, the 1-1 at home against Cagliari, estimated as the “first” after the Christmas holidays. Not only that: with respect to the field hospital in recent years, there is hardly an injury. The Milan, perhaps as a matter of age and less turnover, has more breath and frequent falls. 

4. QUALITY OF INDIVIDUALS (2-2)Another point for the Rossoneri. Nesta, Thiago Silva, Seedorf, Ibrahimovic, Pato, Robinho, Aquilani, Boateng, Cassano, the same Mexes, Merkel: the technical figure is higher than that of Juventus who can oppose with Pirlo, Del Piero and Vucinic. Too little, suddenly missing the physical. And the quality, you know, on the long counts. 

5. TACTICAL FLEXIBILITY (3-2)From tactical fundamentalism repeatedly stated – and culminated with impractical 4-2-4 (at least in a team full of mezzali and without wingers) – Conte has become an extraordinary tactical chameleon: 4-3-3 base module, 3-5 -2 to exploit alternative bands and close better, more 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 to secure the result. A tactical wealth of versatility is enhanced by Juventus (Pepe, Giaccherini, the new Caceres, all midfielders) and moreover they always know what to do. Simply stated: there is a game, often beautiful. Not that Milan is less, however, contrasting the two modules only (the 4-3-1-2 and 4-3-3), has no high wingers for different formulas, and has fewer solutions even in case of emergency. 

6. CONCRETENESS (3-3)The “score” for goal scored (43-33), with a game in hand, leaves no doubt that: Milan is much more concrete, almost ruthless than the Juve that attacks, shoots, has ball possession, but scores much less. It goes into the goal with less men (12-14). The figures do not lie: 277 shots for the Bianconeri, 241 for the Rossoneri but put it in moretimes. Question of aims, malice, offensive solutions that only Ibra has to offer. 

7. STRENGTH (4-3)The Bianconeri recover with a much more solid defense (13-19) and especially with unbeaten record: not a defeat in 20 league games and 2 of the Italian Cup. Signal of strength that scares rivals. 

8. TOTEM IBRA (4-4)There are two totem: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pirlo. Without the Swede at Milan would fail tactical solutions, depth, goals. Without Pirlo still do not know what could happen: but Juventus will surely be very different and probably inferior. In the team, the play-maker is the only onw without substitutes (Pizarro would served). But Ibra, at least statistically, is unattainable: is at its 8 th championship in a row between Ajax (1), Juventus (2), Inter (3), Barcelona (1) and Milan (1). Lengthen to 9?

9. AGAINST THE BIG (5-4) If counting the mini-league between the alleged BIG (Juventus, AC Milan, Udinese, Lazio, Inter Milan, Naples, Rome), the Scudetto would be at the Bianconeri: 15 points in 7 games, average points 2.14. Also because the Milan so far is the worst of all: only one success in head to head,two draws and four defeats. If the trend is not reversed … 

10. HUNGER (6-4) Juve stretches with the last parameter, unscientific perhaps, but undeniably important: the hunger for success (and desire for revenge). AC Milan is defending champion and also dreams of Champions: has the belly fuller. Juve has felt robbed by FARSOPOLI of 2 scudetti. 

source: GdS; by:Fabio Licari 
adapted by: Mike Prise