Sometimes you need to make unpleasant accounts and to pull even more money, but the operation is unavoidable if you want to improve the improvable. Antonio Conte’s Juventus will have to unleash fire and brimstone from bands with wingers able to keep their opponents in their midfield area. 

The team seen until now has gone beyond all expectations, but the contribution of the much advertised wingers on attack was very low.Emblematic is the best game played so far: Juventus against AC Milan has pounded especially on central finding that way the weak point of the Rossoneri fortress. 

More generally, the very underrated winger Simone Pepe was best among those available to the coach from Lecce: not yet reached Estigarribia, Giaccherini shy, can’t judge Elia. Above all, the most anticipated bad interpreter: Milos Krasic.Needless to go around: the Serb was disappointed in this part of the initial season and, more worryingly, seems to have lost that irrepressible inspiration, thanks to which the modest Juventus of Del Neri had been able to solve more than one game last year. 

The alibi of the holiday jump, standing up to last summer, has gone away: Krasic has rested, but no longer has offensive danger while continuing to denounce sensational tactical limits.Opponents now know his movements (though very repetitive): no dribbling but only stretch that become easily containable with double marking or with a proper starting position of the defender who opposes him. No cuts inside or effective movements without the ball, alternative weapons that are valuable when you are not able to be effective into an one on one. 

Difficult for a player of 27 years that occupies a unique role can change way of playing to adapt to the complexities of the tactics of Italian championship. Krasic needs huge spaces that no Italian team will give to Juventus and a tactical freedom incompatible with the beliefs of Conte. If to get to Carlitos Tevez was necessary to sacrifice the wing of Kosovska Mitrovica (which so pleases the City of Mancini), I honestly do not hesitate to do so: the Serb would find in Premier League a football more suited to his characteristics and Juventus a player who would make the team even stronger and more complete. 

Zidane was given to recruit three big shots on which was built a new Winning Juventus . Krasic doesn’t worth, of course, not even half of the French champion, and scruples to call: his eventual departure may be regretted the ones Milos has raised in the beautiful Juventus fans, but what really counts is to make Juventus stronger. A acceptable sacrifice to improve the improvable. 
by:Andrea Antonio Colazingari 
adapted by:Mike Prise