The return of Arturo Vidal from the start is very important for Juventus and for Massimiliano Allegri, if it was a “saga” would definitely be the third chapter of the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King.

QUANTITY ‘AND QUALITY‘ – The Chilean is in fact a unique player because he is able to combine quality and quantity in the attack on the defensive, he is one of the few players of the rose skilled in the insertions but also able to recover the ball when needed.

ANIMUS PUGNANDI – To all of this combines a heart, a bianconero soul that sometimes make him also go over and play even if the conditions are not perfect. He is  a fighter, one who never gives up and that would play, something that already has happened, even in less than optimal conditions. Who guides him sometimes has to restrain him because he is a machine that always goes to the fullest and never gives up.

FUNCTIONAL USEAllegri said it clearly yesterday: “Vidal needs to play,” and so, the use in the match against Cesena is also functional in the upcoming matches and preparatory to the improvement of the condition. The company’s aim is to have Vidal with a shape close to 100% for the important match for the fate of first place with Atletico Madrid. Prior to that game do not remain many opportunities: there is a game with Cesena and the final rehearsal with Atalanta.

Vidal will try to give his best in these matches so he can start from the beginning at the Vicente Calderon, meanwhile the fans are ready to applaud him, King Arturo is back.

adapted in english from an article of Massimo Pavan from