Yes Juve! I will stay don’t worry! I still have a lot of dreams to fulfill!

TURIN, March 29, 2012 – Andrea Barzagli, then Gigi Buffon and Antonio Conte, all contracts expiring in 2013, all speeches to be resolved no later than mid-June. And it will. Nothing, or almost, will move though before the May 20, the day of the Italian Cup final, the last game of a already significant season, then it might even develop for “trespass” on the miraculous. The “pact” between the various parties is the son of a unanimous agreement: energy, head, legs and heart only go to the field, at least until the Olympic rendezvous. There is so much at stake in the last ten games, nine of the league. 

Buffon for life. There is absolute serenity and zero haste precisely because the renewals are in fact granted. At least from the part of the club in Corso Galileo Ferraris. Barzagli is ready for a new agreement (with retouching wage) until 2014. Extraordinary season of the 2006 World Champion (paid 500,000 euros!)almost disappeared in Germany, reborn in Turin and now again key pillar for light blue. “As for Buffon – coming from Corso Galileo Ferraris -, we have no doubt we see no obstacles to his long stay at Juve. Gigi is very important for us.” Translated: if the Italy captain makes a sign, is signed until 2016, when the greatest Italian goalkeeper will have 38 years, and maybe he will want to have a more ‘light’ experience for example the U.S. 

Rating Antonio … Finally, the chapter Conte. The “bet” won and how by Agnelli and Marotta, the number one maker of rebirth in the field of Juventus, certainly the most interesting Italian coach (and good) of the new generation. Soon he’ll be offered a renewal until 2015. There will be no surprises. Almost certainly. in the sense that Conte wants and loves Juve, as well as Juve does not see today other technical solution that is not Conte. But do not underestimate the appeal of Italian Mou. The guy makes already talking about himself abroad. Is being liked, all right. In fact, his work was observed with great attention from top European clubs, and it is not excluded that within a year or even to come rather heavy offers, economic and even prestige. Better to lock up as soon as possible the last summer ‘big idea’ of the company. 

source: GdS (by Mirko Graziano) 
adapted by: Mike Prise