As is known from a few minutes, the summit in the Prefecture was attended by Prefect of Naples municipal government and leaders of the Neapolitan club, served to formalize the postponement of the match between home team and Juventus originally scheduled for tonight at 20:45 . There is already talk of December 14 as the date for the recovery, but there is no confirmation about it. 

 As shown on Sky, the decision was made especially for the serious inconvenience caused by rain in the city and province, and this could mean more traffic problems in the area of the San Paolo stadium considering the huge inflow would have been recorded at an early afternoon if played. 

 The conditions of the weather, however, seem slightly improved, but even there is a new deterioration in the late afternoon. There is to be recorded, unfortunately, the death of a citizen in the Campania region Pozzuoli his car was hit by a tree felled by own brute force of the storm that is creating more of a nuisance to the town led by Mayor De Magistris.

 by:Fabio Mauro Giambò adapted by:Mike Prise