Our goal is not to be loved by inter fans, but those of Juventus. (A.Giraudo) 

 Where’s the scandal? To make the things serious the FA should impose the referees to take the phone records of a year and sifting through the numbers. They would find fine things. (A. Giraudo) 

 “It seems so illogical and summary that is not worth even discussing. A brutal sentence that does not take into account the truth, nothing “(A. Giraudo) 

 “We suffered on our skin for a moratorium on non-EU players, which cost us a championship, no one from FIGC has lifted a finger, we had budgets in place, others constantly tarot them; there is a club, Rome, which gave Rolex of 2-3000 euros to the referees. And now I come to tell you that all is well, only we are bad? “(A. Giraudo) 

 We have spent seven years to to obtain an complete acquittal at the process for doping, here I have not been allowed to talk for even seven minutes. They decide so with publicly traded companies, the fate of executives, fans and small shareholders? “(A. Giraudo) 

 “In response to the new, in football has simply proceeded to ‘upgrade of who was responsible for this sport. The result is that delicate mechanisms, budgets and interests of millions of euros have been staffed by inadequately people. The clubs have ridiculous general managers , who do not have the slightest idea of ​​what is a business plan “(A. Giraudo) 

 “It has deliberately created a terrifying image of me and Juventus. The sport hate for those who often won on the field has become in a institutionalized grudge, without taking into account the fact that an esteem is the sport scope (A. Giraudo) 

 As shown by the World Cup, we were the strongest. But this is now forgotten, with the tone of this sentence. My personal image was destroyed. Private matters have been published, not related to survey. Even a silly thing like on telephone conversations between Moggi and me about the Coach of the sons of Roberto Bettega has been used to make moral judgments. (A. Giraudo) 

 “I took Juventus in 1994 that was worth 20 million euros. We left Juventus with a value of 250 million. “(A. Giraudo) 

 Must watch everything carefully, watching the project, as has been carried forward to the difficult negotiations, the vision and the financial magnitude of the thing. 

 PS: Thanks to Antonio Giraudo