In Chatillon everything is beautiful. Beautiful people, beautiful choruses, nice atmosphere, great weather, beautiful shirts, beautiful stars, a good black and white book to buy including summer game (one, two, three star), in short, an idyllic retreat. Without going into the theme, we make a consideration that starts from the fans from what they write, because it is impossible not to note that between the rooms of the hotel, from training camp and among the fans spread out over and down, hovers a ghost. 
A little Casper, with the shirt number 10 which remains the most popular with many Juve supporters who still have the shirt with the print of the myth: Alessandro Del Piero. Obviously with a smile, remember that we love him and that in this day we think about and we miss him. We must of course go on because the script of football requires that, but the myth remains and at least today leave us remember because that’s what they ask so many fans and it is fair to do so, now that there will be the first friendly match without him.

Alessandro Del Piero, after 19 years with Juventus, will watch from far away to his former team. The day of the departure of his teammates, sent a text message of encouragement to all: “Every season is like the first day of school, for those in the year of maturity, or for those who begin the ninth grade … the emotion is the same. I would like to send my hug to entire team, to whom will be in Chatillon (boys, too many memories there!) and to who will do a few more days of vacation after the European … Good luck to all! I hope you can give new big emotions to Juventus supporters, among whom I’ll be ” Impossible not to send a virtual hug to this Juventus myth . Besides, many fans have taken him in their football dreams, maybe with a sticker in their journals, on school days more or less happy. Del Piero is also this, and even if he is not in Chatillon, will be often in our memories, the myths are not erased, they are made to be eternal and be remembered, the ghosts, good ones, remain alive for ever in Chatillon and elsewhere . 

Oh I almost forgot …. This words of Conte … of course is a must add in the queue, in the end juventinità is primarily expressed with these concepts: “(…) Ale is present (laughs) … is always present and will always be present because Ale Del Piero will be the story of Juventus. I must, I must emphasize, that certainly is very strange after so many years that there is not, there is not. He last year has done a great season, as I always said, with Buffon and also Pirlo. But he and Buffon, were definitely the two that from day one I have recommended, because they were my former teammates. They were very close, really helped me a lot, so my is a gratitude felt towards Ale, for what he did last year, for what he has done all these years at Juventus. it ‘s definitely a presence that is lacking, but we know very well that you should always go forward in things, in life, and I to him I wish the best of luck because he deserves them, for what he has done and for what surely will do in the present and will do in the future. ” 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan
Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS