Antonio Conte has already lost his voice after a couple of trainings. Imagine the first match: insignificant for the Juventus people, essential for him. Is one of his characteristics: there is no difference between friendlies and league matches, to Conte is the same thing. There’s always a great passion, this time a little more because coaching Juve has been the dream of his football life. A dream that has made ​real ​perhaps ahead of schedule, burning stages between Bari and Siena. He could have landed in Turin after the promotion already obtained in Puglia, but probably he was not ripe. This time he arrived at the end of a fantastic ride to Siena, and promotion of competition obtained off at a gallop, without any doubt.

Now Antonio has an exaggerated adrenaline. Keeps us from dying, does not want to miss, is attentive to details, attentive to the details carefully as if it were the first day of school. And for this he deserves to be escorted. When they say Pepito Rossi is coming he brakes, does not intend to talk about people who has yet to wear the jersey of Juventus, perhaps burned by a series of operations that did not go through.

Conte must be helped, known, spoiled. We would like to stress that the 4-2-4 trumpeted by the media is nothing more than a simple 4-4-2. Is not so simple, Juve will practice a 4-4-2 masked very, very offensive, front-wheel drive for sure. We must know the Conte teams : the wingers are fundamental, a basic essential. In the sense that you can have the best strikers in circulation on the face of the earth, but without people capable of grinding play on the wings is hard to get ahead. That’s why after hitching Rossi, after taking Vidal, should concentrate on that area of the field.

Krasic and Pepe are not enough, Conte in his past has shown to alternate at least four or five players in the same game. So, go for Bastos if the deal is really in the pipeline. Without stopping to Bastos: it is needed at least another thick interpreter to allow it to not fit (Quagliarella half sheltered would be suicide), but to deploy pure specialists and able to read the best use of the new schemes.

by: Alfredo Pedullà
adapted by: Mike Prise