The last night note from Juventus is unequivocal as the yesterday sentence : Juve innocent. Yes you heard right Juventus innocent, will not have to pay compensation to anyone. This seems strange, paradoxical, but if we think there is reasoning behind it, not agree but probably what the judges think. 

Juventus had no aid, no match-fixing … Has not underdog competitors, is innocent. Explained the exultation of Vitiello Juve’s lawyer. So far, ok, all clear. Obviously we believe that Moggi’s innocent, but ‘. Yesterday the court ruled the opposite hand. To say this with Juve innocent means that Moggi was working for other purposes, not to the good of Juve.

In short, paradoxical conclusion, because we believe Moggi is innocent. In any case, the acquittal of Juventus will have to change the mind of many … on many things…

 by:Massimo Pavan
adapated by:Mike Prise