TURIN, Aug. 9, 2012Juventus, which is definitely a team of breed, is living these days just like a wounded tiger. The judicial storm that involved Conte, some staff, Leonardo Bonucci and Simone Pepe could unnerve or distract the team or unite around the teammates and to their leader. Took shape the second hypothesis and here is not about the moral (or moralizing …) on sports ethics, because within the Juventus team, it is not questioning whether or how much guilty is Conte. The bianconera reaction is pure instinct aimed to protect the more important thing was created in the revival of the past year: the granitic unity of the group. And in case of attack from the outside, the group is compact and defends himself, united. 
THE EVIDENCE Of this there was talk in the days of the withdrawal and during this temporary transfer to China, where they expect the game and the sentences. In official interviews it was caught something. A Pirlo said: “We know that for Conte, Bonucci and Pepe is a difficult time, but our strength has always been to express ourselves on the field and do so with great cohesion. We do not intend to surrender right now. “ A Buffon, who explains: “When you enter the pitch controversies vanish, there remains the desire to win.” A Marchisio that says: “We see Conte calm and focused as ever, despite the time, so the more reason we should be too.” Fragments of ideas circulated among the players in these hot days, where the pact was born (but yes, let’s call it that) for Conte. The pact of 110 per cent, the commitment beyond any limit to send a signal to him, but above all to the rest of the world. 
IN PRACTICE And the whole does not translates only in rhetoric gladiator, but also has important practical implications, because if it were to take a disqualification for Conte, players will be much more responsible during practice and during games. In the first situation will have to assimilate with even greater attention the lessons of the technician in the preparation of the race, the second will have to apply with even greater discipline the orders. Conte, in fact, could give advice and change something in game in progress (if the disqualified will live from the stands), but the reaction time will inevitably be slowed down, and much will depend on the players, as well as by Massimo Carrera, which enjoys the greatest confidence of Conte
THE USUAL Conte, for his part, in these days has made imperceptible in his behavior the anxiety and anger over the personal story. He has conducted training sessions without changing anything of his usual attitude. He has hauled to those who had to, explained what he had to explain, he held highest concentration on this final, do not need anyone else to find out scoop, wants to win like that of a world cup. A small cup, of great significance, especially moral. They are all with him. Also Cesare Prandelli, indicated as a possible replacement for Conte if Juventus had wanted to change course in the event of disqualification (hypotheses, beyond the denials of society, seems to be very unlikely at this time). says Blue the coach: “I hope that Conte remains on the bench of Juventus because he has proven to have the capacity. Me at Juventus? This is fantasy, fantasy football. I’ll be coaching the national team. It ‘s true, I sometimes miss the field but, if I go back to coaching, I’d do it on a bench abroad.” 

source: Tuttosport (by Guido Vaciago)

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