We have criticized him, indeed, often massacred, the rest arriving in Turin with the license as number one and that was the one who had license, must prove it. Now after one year of Juventus apprenticeship condensed from some “special” operations , see for Martinez, Giuseppe Marotta is gearing. 

On the Web after rivers of negative words, the same questions of those who wonder what has the Jalisse have done, the praise begin to appear.Our position has always been, to eliminate the bias and evaluate the work. Work was not good the first year, but good this year, even astonishing, for having revived Pirlo, fished Vidal and relaunched Vucinic. This without forgetting Lichtsteiner. The helmsman Conte then is history of solidity. In short, we hope not to be mistaken, but perhaps he was right Juventus has indeed transferred three top players. 

 But if we know of Marotta and about Paratici as well, we want to go and see why we consider Marotta so good and explain why we are expecting so much from him. There is a squadron that Marotta has created the other team of Marotta. The other team of Marotta is composed of all those players that he has discovered in his various teams and helped to launch, taking them or raising. The result is a formation very respectable, to a very offensive 4-3-3. 

Goalkeeper: Storari (taken from Milan and raised and then taken from Sampdoria) 

Defenders: Campagnaro (taken from Piacenza and then transferred to Naples for eight million), Maggio (taken from Fiorentina and then transferred to Naples for eight million), Antonini (launched in 2003 at Sampadoria) to which we may add Aimo Diana and Reto Ziegler (the latter passed quickly from Turin). 

Midfielders: Palombo (grown at Sampdoria and brought to national), Doni (first at Atalanta and then brought to Genoa), Andrea Poli (launched in the primavera, grown in Sassuolo and then relaunched at Genoa) 

Forwards: Pazzini (took for 7 million from Fiorentina and then to be given to merda by Garrone), Cassano (taken almost for free from Real Madrid and then given to milan), Quagliarella (taken as the fourth striker and first launched then resell him at Udinese for 10 million) to which we add the re-launch of Recoba in Venice, or to Bazzani at Sampdoria before they lose. 

 In short, Marotta has another team in Italy and around and if Naples is definitely the way forward if a little his merit too, having sold Campagnaro and Maggio and having launched Mazzarri, so hopefully in Naples in some months they will still remember. 

 The Juventus fans are hoping that Marotta may enter slowly in their heart, just do not repeat the last year and get back where Juventus has to be in law, namely the Champions League. 

by:Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise