Reading this numbers…you wonder…How many Juventini are we, in fact, all over the World?
TURIN, March 15, 2012 Juventus’s Pride are subscriptions that are rising, sell out recurring, clubs that are multiplying. Juventus Pride is the enthusiasm that spreads after years of protests and bitterness, is the love around a team that runs to return to a winner. Amuses the group of Antonio Conte. And enjoys the fans, as pointed out by Andrea Agnelli. It is no coincidence that the president remember to those who ask if this Juventus annoys, a second after explaining to go forward “against everything and everyone”: a view from inside, seen by 14 million fans, this Juve knows to sacrifice and preserves the ambitions deserves confidence, passion, support. 

CARDS Are not just nice words, are numbers. For starters, 24,526 subscribers, 60% more than last season. Cards burned on the basis of promises: the charisma of Conte and Pirlo’s geometries, the embroideries of Vucinic and strength of Lichtsteiner. It was not easy, in the summer, imagine the Juventus biggest rival of AC Milan and stadium effect, although important, can not by itself explain the phenomenon. Also applies to sell out that has become a habit: 13 of 15 matches, to which you can already add the Italian Cup semi-final with AC Milan on Tuesday 20. Have missed the overbooking, however, for a few thousand spectators, only games with Siena and Catania happened in the period Siberian, when visits were discouraged and even the bad weather defied loyalists. 

SURVEY An important thermometer of tifo is in Sansovino, a short walk from Juventus Stadium, where they moved a few months ago the offices of the Club Doc Coordinating Center. They are 346, including 37 abroad, for a total of 67,000 members. A year ago there were 34,784, almost half, and the increase would be even clearer if the inscriptions were not closed in November – in fact rained the requests for membership, postponed to next season – and if the survey would take account of the 163 sections with less than one hundred members, the minimum number to be recognized club doc. Should be noted that to members, this year, is reserved a section of the stadium and that subscribers are 9,415: Fans throughout Italy who grind kilometer to be close to the team. As for ticket reservations, are incessant and they look far. Particularly requested Juventus-Atalanta on May 13, closing the championship: the leaders of the Centre explained that it is not (only) hope to celebrate the Scudetto, but to applaud Alessandro Del Piero in his last official match in bianconero

Toponomastica The love for this Juventus is also evidenced by the toponymy of the clubs that joined the new protagonists to monuments of the past (Avvocato Agnelli, Boniperti, Scirea) and flags of today (Alex is the most popular, then Buffon): sections of Piacenza, Vasto and Cassino were dedicated to Conte, that of Casamarciano to his assistant Angelo Alessio

TOUR Other indicators of enthusiasm: the 25,000 visitors through tour of the Juventus Stadium, the 13,000 who have accepted the invitation of the society to assist in the night of the first leg of Italian Primavera Cup Final, the pressing requests of information for the museum that still needs to open and full of enthusiasm that exists when the gates at Vinovo are opened. The last time Tuesday, the return to training after the draw of Genoa and the silence chosen by the company: packed grandstand and waves of affection on the team, urged not to give up despite the -4 from Milan. “This Juve entertains, enjoys the fans,” says Agnelli and “against all” there are them also. 

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Antonio Barillà)
adapted by: Mike Prise