7 Km of running in total, 600m the longest single run, 1.5l medium sweat lost, 32 bottles of water, 1000 Calories lost
CHATILLON, July 20, 2012 – If the old were prepared, Kwadwo Asamoah and now also Lucio have realized what season awaits them. “With my players I am not at all soft,” repeats often Antonio Conte. A new confirmation yesterday morning. After the first course of recent days with the fitness testing (from to the yo-yo Mognoni), the bar of forced labor has risen with a further step. Under the bottom and repeat. Seven kilometers in all – divided and digested in shorter distances – and step well delivered. The less familiar with the tired faces (in some cases even tested) Physiotherapists and busy in distributing bottles of water between a pause and another. Around noon there were over thirty. 
TEAM WORK Maniac of athletic training at least as much of that tactic, Conte has followed the exercises directly from the control room. On the bench, sitting alongside Roberto Sassi the man of the data, monitored minute by minute the feedback that came from the heart of every player on the laptop’s responsible for the training check. On the pitch the coach Paolo Bertelli and the remaining staff (from Vice Alessio to Stellini, from Carrera to Coratti) each with a stopwatch in hand to control the split times and, where appropriate, suggest any acceleration. 
THE ROUTE Backed by the public of Chatillon, ready to make themselves heard every time on the faces of the players felt the emergence of fatigue, Vidal, and c. (divided into groups based on physical characteristics) have plowed the perimeter of the Brunod for over an hour. Stretch about 600 meters (two laps of the field) on the 300 (one turn) and then up and down in vertical from one line of goal to the other (100 meters). For a total of seven miles at a steady pace, obviously superior to that of a normal game. 
CONVICTION An grueling exercise – important to train the aerobic power – but especially a new tank of gas in view of a season that from the physical point of view is even more tough than the last. Sweat and effort, however, seem easier to bear thanks to the experience of last season. In the locker room of Vinovo the top players in the league – just to make The idea – always has been indicated in the capacity to run, press and roll the opponents for ninety minutes. “The workouts are tough, but on Sunday we realize that we go more than the other,” they repeated in turn the Bianconeri. Chorus reproposed in Chatillon first by Stephan Lichtsteiner (“To win you need to run and we want to win back”) and then by Martin Caceres, yesterday: “It ‘s hard, but it is essential to get to the end in all competitions.” 
GASOLINE AND RISKS The last year has gone well and this year the target is to repeat themselves by adding a Champions as protagonists. One more reason to take advantage of the preparation, putting into account a few false steps in the pre-season summer. Tim Trophy of tomorrow and next test Juventus might look a bit packed , in a better state – but not at the top – is expected for the Italian Super Cup in Beijing on 11 August. Against Napoli is at stake the first trophy the season and by good mourinhiano for Conte the recall of titlesi is too strong. This is why will go with the best in China. Including the national, ready to restart the engine on Tuesday. 

 source: Tuttosport (by Filippo Cornacchia)

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