Juventini are born or made? 

 Pavel Nedved became one and he has soon discovered that his DNA was a perfect copy of that of black and white: infinite determination, innate need to never give up, ability to fight and suffer, unlimited desire to win , unconditional and absolute attachment to the shirt. All this to express in a serious club and well-organized and in a measured city like Turin, liveable, where Pavel has found the ideal environment for himself and his wonderful family, dwelling in the quietness of the Mandria park, two steps of stadium of his business, where he could engage in peace in the long runs and additional spontaneous training sessions, to satisfy his perfectionist nature as an athlete, used to ask himself always the best and to work beyond the limit to be able to provide. 

He came to Juventus from Lazio in the summer of 2001, along with Thuram and Buffon, an ambitious recruitment drive carried out by Triad after two second places signed by Ancelotti, a recipe prepared with care to continue to win which had in return on bench of Marcello Lippi, the most appropriate condiment and the apotheosis of May 5, the most fanciful creation.

 His hair floating on the field immediately entered into the hearts of fans of the Old Lady, who made an undisputed and timeless idol. When it was celebrating his farewell to football after eight years, four championships and 327 games with Juventus after a 2-0 Juve-Lazio signed by two goals from Iaquinta May 31 2009, with his companions wearing all his jersey number 11, I saw many people crying in the stands of the Olympic, unable to reconcile themselves with the leaving of the scene of a great champion, in many ways unique and inimitable, especially Juventino Vero . No wonder his return to club on the staff of Andrea Agnelli was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Bianconeri from everywhere.

 About Nedved remain in my mind radiant moments : a great goal with left to prescriti in an evening on which even a blow did not stop him which caused a pneumothorax, endured with heroic stoicism, a sumptuous free-kick with his right to the detriment of Julio Cesar in the 29th season of the tricolor, a great shot from outside at the minutes of the astonishing comeback in Piacenza resulted in the triumph of May 5 already mentioned, the explosive shot on the counter to put the seal on a memorable semi-final of the Champions League with Real Madrid at the Delle Alpi, in perhaps the most exciting and bitter at the same time of his career, marked by a lethal yellow, which denied him participation in the Manchester final and to Juventus the cup with the big ears. It would have be enough for a minimum of calculation to avoid that yellow but then that would not be Pavel, always generous, spontaneous, even excessive, as when he pulled the hair of Comotto in a derby or trim a ram to referee Farina pecking a five-match ban.

 He fought in the fiery fields of the B to bring Juve to levels that compete, creating a shining example to anyone who consistently casts the turf of a football field.

 I recently met him, guide for the Juventus Stadium Tour, usually shy and seemingly very responsible in his new role, friendly and helpful with fans and journalists, ready to regret for the situation of Del Piero or defend the value of Krasic when I asked him if he judged too bold the comparison of Milos with him.

 Has been studying to be a good director and is working, as always, to the best of his ability, forced this time to give up his instincts of born fighter who was definitely more comfortable on the pitch, where he could often transform into a fury.

 The czech fury. 

 source: canalejuve.it by: C. Vassotto
adapted by: Mike Prise