And here he is, the new monster on the front page. Gigi Buffon in full view on the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, blamed for the yesterday statements. 

This is a replica of the Milanese newspaper journalists, the spite. Unfortunately, there are those who believe they are the holder of the truth and do not admit of being criticized and reacts so with the means and with the power it has. 

To us that way of journalism, we do not like. We know that the match-fixing is a shame, but we believe it is a shame also to affect the rights of persons suspected or arrested. 

This comes out when from the Prosecutors of half a Italy, filter out the tissues that the journalists do nothing else but copy or bring in plain sight. 

Perhaps, we’re young and we believe that journalism is to seek the truth, investigation, properly inform the readers. Not to be lined up, because we know this, we understand that not everyone is like that. 

The newspapers should not be organs of the Prosecutor, but information media as a guarantee for readers and, in cases like these, must be made ​​aware both of the thesis accusatory that of the defensive one without the judgment to be written by journalists or by prosecutors. 

adapted by: Mike Prise