Juventus-Team-1994-95-96-97-98-2001-02-03Here is an article from tuttojuve that makes you wonder:

[box type=”success” align=”alignleft” ] All lies, the ones we tell ourselves every day. It starts from the most classic of the type “Italian referees are the best ones in the world” ending with the evergreen “our league is more beautiful / difficult.” We looked at the navel decades, while others used the brain and put the up arrow. They outdated and outdistanced.[/box]

[box type=”success” align=”alignleft” ]Another dance that we love tell us. “The teams that win are built by spending.” Missing an adjective fundamental: spending well. Real Madrid is close to eleventh consecutive year without the Champions League, despite the substantial and pharaonic investment on the market. The Borussia Dortmund, however, has built a troop focusing on young people and the competence of its managers investing as it could, but with great foresight.[/box]

[box type=”success” align=”alignleft” ]The fans dream of the name, they want the TOP to dream under the umbrella, the manager must point to the qualitative value of the player. Only at that. There is not a winning equation, there is no the more you spend= the more you win, the important thing is to start from an idea of ​​strong game, choose functional players to these principles and focus on quality regardless of the labels.[/box]