We did not enter, deliberately, in a speech on the price of subscriptions, we left judgment to the heart and the wallet of Juventus public and yesterday came the first response. The Juventus fans have a big heart. The passion grows more every day (despite the crisis) and are ready to do anything to follow this team that represents something more, perhaps a way of life, definitely a sense of belonging.

Around Chatillon we saw people ready to do anything to follow their passion. The Juventus model works and likes. Solid company, team talented and winning coach, competent management staff, functional areas of marketing who knew the risk (to raise the price it was), but they get the result (90% renewals and other 4.000 new subscribers for a total of 27.400). Well, without wanting to compliment for free, everything here works or almost everything. We saw in Chatillon, where there was not anything bad, but only positive vibes, beautiful people, families with children and dogs, choirs, no controversy.

We will see it again at Juventus Stadium, where beeing there becomes something special. Juventus is a model that works and all this without having taken the famous “top player”. But perhaps the top player is inside each fan that has a passion so great despite the crisis, despite the sacrifices to Juventus nobody wants to give up. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by Massimo Pavan

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS