In these days many have spoken of the beginning of “the iron cycle.” In fact, the challenges away to Verona and with Genoa and Fiorentina at home are not simple games. Last year, Juventus won only 5 from 9 points in three games in question with two draws and a suffered victory 3-2. All this without counting the two subsequent challenges (prescriti and Napoli). 

With this games came to 6 points in 5 games with 1 win, 3 draws and the defeat at Naples. 

In these matches Juventus, especially in Verona must demonstrate that they have passed the Robin Hood syndrome that takes points from big to give to small. The success with AC Milan has confirmed that Juventus with the big plays if and how, nowadays they have to show that even with small or presumed so is the same thing. 

The first half with Bologna and the first half Catania have shown that when they jumps on the ardor and the will to fight even small always put it all and the game gets tough. Is necessary, therefore, the class of Pirlo, magic of Vucinic or some other devilish. If they do not turn on them like Parma and Siena and Bologna in part, the lamp is alternating current. 

 In Verona would be nice to find a good spell from Fabio Quagliarella, who in a first half of last season gave the brush of a champion. In short, seeing the black and white team who will come to Verona would be foolish to think that the “syndrome of the arc who took from the richest” can not be eliminated. The arrows of Conte are so many and pointed, so the commander is to throw and hit : the three-point goal.