Sometimes finding a logic to everything is wrong. The need to understand is little set aside, relying to the cycle of events and slow passage of events. But sometimes the need to understand is more than anything. The market led by Marotta must be understood, otherwise you risk going mad. We met in early August with the sole aim to deliver to Antonio Conte a central defender and a left winger. May Have been the newspapers, have been unnecessaryru mors , but the confusion that has been generated is indescribable.

The names were many, perhaps too many, too much improvisation and conducted negotiations in jeopardy.Yet he seemed to be started on the right foot. Vucinic, Vidal, Lichtesteiner expensive transfers. Ziegler, Pirlo, Pazienza those on a free transfer. Six transfers, clean clean. Then all hell broke loose. Giaccherini arrive, Estigarribia and Elia. Three wing midfielders, Good but not phenomena. But something still does not come back. Someone has forgotten the mess made by Chiellini, Bonucci uncertainties and the desire to sell Ziegler.

All concatenated. if Ziegler had gone , Chiellini would go to the left. Via Bonucci, we needed another central defender. Here, a central defender. Bruno Alves, Alex, Lugano, Bocchetti Rhodolfo, and all the brethren of the role. Nothing, nobody arrived to arrange to restructure cabin. One of the good which could walk to set the action from the defense.Now Conte what will invent ? In all honesty Vidal central defender would be the beginning of the mistakes of the past. Players who improvise roles that do not belong to them. 

Vidal is a midfielder, with strong offensive skills. How can play defense? One can say “better to have avoided buying rather than buying just to do it.” It is implausible as an excuse if he is studying to experience Vidal as central defender. Hamlet contradictions and doubts , who springs from the confusion of names and figures. Someone has lost his way, someone dragged too much, see Amauri.But a central defender lost in the streets of the world still exists. Took 3 wingers and no central defender. Least questionable choices, which now go by the finding. If they prove right and justified, we must withdraw all the above. But the doubts are there and will be resolved. Until January when the market reopens, when will come back today to recall those there, who was lost in the ways of confusion. 

by:Mario Busico 
adapted by: Mike Prise