He have to stay Strong! All they want is for Us to loose Hope! 

For those who saw the match against Genoa on Sunday, one aspect definitely will not go unnoticed. We are near the end of the first half and Mirko Vucinic is laid almost to the edge of the area in a very tight angle, a just punishment, not invented. Players of Genoa, however, do not agree (we do not understand why) and spend exactly one minute of time to protest. Consequence: gets mad the audience, the stadium becomes an inferno and without a real sense rises a scream “you know only to steal, only to steal.” 

We would have understood if the referee had given previous the penalty on Matri, but the episode that did not make any sense shows once again that there is something wrong. It does not work in the public, but the first does not work on players who never miss a chance to create tensions. Mechanisms are not working and does not work at all the respect. It ‘s understandable if in a game fought a team is penalized and the other is getting mad, although it is not justifiable.

What happened Sunday is absolutely wrong, but totally outside the understanding of each. Now for all, at all stages of Italy is the belief that Juventus is stealing, indiscriminately and without ifs and buts. Is not enough to play in an attractive and offer a wonderful show, like Juventus on Sunday. For the opposing fans Juventus steals. Is then incomprehensible that some local newspapers come to the conclusion that Genoa deserved to win because it was denied a penalty. 

If we want to tell stories is fine, but so Italy will never make a step forward towards Europe, indeed, will continue to make so many back. Perhaps it is worth seriously starting to “steal”, so even if penalized, the concept remains the opposite of others. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise