There is no two without three. In fact, on the eve of the Italian Cup final, is repeated what already put in motion in the days before the crucial two games in the title ride: Palermo-Juventus and Juventus-Roma. Given the results of those games, we’ve also become superstitious and we hope that gazetta and repubblica bring once again fortune. 

Is right making the names of the two papers, not to criminalize, but because we believe that is in motion a mechanism a newspaper-justice that tries to follow in the footsteps of what happened with Farsopoli. Not even Doni and Signori were thrown three times in the first page as happened with Antonio Conte. 

Again without any evidence, again according to what says one repented, but leaving out the statements of other players by virtue at Siena which clear the Juventus coach. The prosecutor also investigated speedily, but that kind of journalism is not permissible: to attack a person and a society reads the news to his own use. We would like to know why the mud of this machine, but maybe we realized in the past years … 

source:; by: Davide Terruzzi
adapted by: Mike Prise