Is the regista who was missing for many years now to Juventus. Is him who has been put order and poetry in the Juventus middle.

Is Andrea Pirlo the best player of Juventus-Parma, a beautiful game, finished 4 to 1 in favor of Juventus.Satisfied, the regista of Juventus and the national team, says that his first official match on the pages of 

“The beginning was good, but we have not done anything yet and the season is very long. Of course it was important to start well and play a game like that in front of our fans. ” 

Andrea, for whom it is granted all, has also the time to take off some satisfaction. And he does it against those who considered he is inappropriate to module of Antonio Conte.

“Is normal to say certain things at the beginning of a new season. I actually immediately inserted into the mechanics. If someone will be disappointed in Milan? They play Tuesday against Barcelona, so they will have other thoughts. I made ​​this choice, I’m happy and I hope to be able to win with Juventus what I won with Milan “