Juventus Team photo before Roma - Juventus, 2/03/2015
Juventus Team photo before Roma – Juventus, 2/03/2015

The match with Rome needs to be a teaching lesson to this Juventus, for the present and for the future, what already happened with Atalanta, with Cesena and with Borussia Dortmund. The teaching is as follows: this Juventus will suffice for the League victory, but if wants to move forward in Europe must be perfect in defense in the European matches.

The game with the giallorossi had been defensively flawless, right up to the goal of Keita, with the defense that has lost the Malian midfielder and taking yet another goal, are too many, practically one per game, a shame, considering that the defensive package was the best in the black-and-white history up to the game with Cesena, from that day we’ve seen on a fast and slow involution.

The game with Rome is then a game from two faces, is flawless in terms of tactical caution for seventy minutes, loss-making for the last twenty. Allegri will be working on the concentration in all ninety minutes, only flaw of a team that is winning the fourth League title in a row, but to win in Europe will need a higher efficiency.

adapted an article of Massimo [email protected] tuttojuve.com