We started from far away with summer dreams, the various Van Persie (in goal), Suarez (in goal), Tevez (in goal), accompanied the dreams of the fans. Difficult to bring them to Italy, on the one hand because the Federation managing so Scommessopoli has created a large amount of damage and the other in Italy do not want to come anymore because, although Turin is a happy island, the rest is zero with ancient stadiums and champions on the run. 
Here we are, so to analyze a five intense days in which Juventus will have to find a solution because four strikers are not sufficient to nothing. Serve the fifth striker and maybe, probably a left outer. Few offensive options remained and Marotta saturday night was very clear, making it clear that there are currently no open situations. 
Truth or lie? We’ll know soon, surely a fifth striker will arrive. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS