Cagliari-Juventus-ConteExactly on December 24 Antonio Conte said in an interview: “Getting to coach Juventus is a dream, a goal that I had always. When I stopped playing I said that mine was just see you soon, not a goodbye, because I would return as manager. So I did. now I hope to stay here a long time, then I’d try an adventure abroad. “

In the day of yesterday then the “destabilization Real” or attempt as such. Real Madrid wants Antonio Conte. Dreaming for others is ‘lawful, think that it is something feasible is’ madness. Antonio Conte has clearly said what his future will be next, ie stay and win in the long black and white. Who wants to suggest other scenarios in the short, is clearly trying to destabilize an environment, society and makes real media manipulation .. We do not know what motivates some people to see these scenarios as possible. Perhaps the words of Conte were not clear or perhaps were lost. Antonio Conte appeals to a lot, but likes even more to Juventus, impossible to see him far.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan