This Man here, maybe the best Transfer done by Juventus in years… we just have to be Patient
We all are, as it is human, football-carnivorous and fans of the transfermarket and of great shots, of perations on the verge of madness, of brilliant and convoluted negotiations we have to stop a moment to applaud the true KING of the transfer market at Juventus home: Fabio Paratici
Is the champion of the desk, very few interviews, confidence, friendliness, a few delusions of leadership and a great desire to reborn from the ashes Juve and create a “sing” to live up to those of the more famous European clubs. 
G. Appelt, Curti, Chibsah, Garcia, Gouano, Beltrame, Taider, Spinazzola, Sorensen, Magnusson, also is closing in these days for Boakye and Leali without forgetting the important windows from which you can see negotiations set for Destro, Gabbiadini and Veratti
Among these players many will be able to make us talk about them in a few years, many will represent the future of Juventus and many others will be good bargaining chips in the market of Juventus
Finally there is to be recorded the maneuver that would be to deprive none other than Manchester United of Xhaka, great midfielder of Basel and of Pogba, former United player and the agent assigned is Mino Raiola. 
In short, a bit of everything, vivid congratulations to Fabio Paratici, the true KING of the transfer market. 
source: canalejuve.it 
adapted by: Mike Prise