Premature question , maybe, okay, if you think about how much water will still have to pass under the bridges of the transfer market during the summer that lies ahead, but spontaneous and urgent for anyone beating for the Juventus colors. For now we are moving in a few certainties and many inferences. The former have the names and faces of Andrea Pirlo, Reto Ziegler, Stephan Lichtsteiner and Michele Pazienza.

Those that remain mere hypotheses refer to Aguero, Giuseppe Rossi, Sanchez, Inler, Vucinic.

Who delights to expatiate about tactics that will be launched by the new coach can not ignore the way of playing that has characterized most frequently teams of Conte , or 4-2-4, but at the same time it would be wrong to think a fundamentalist in this sense that Antonio, in fact, has already made it clear not to allow exemptions on a certain type of mentality in the attempt with absolute continuity but not to favor a scheme in advance, much less, regardless of the characteristics of players available.

Trying to analyze more deeply the module most commonly used to date by former Juventus captain, we can say that about a 4-2-4 is equivalent to a major push to emphasize the wingers in the phase of ball possession, turned into real “wings” as we used to say, that is true strikers on the wings with the added task of going to cross or enter inside converging to present themselves to shoot.

Of course, when the ball passes to the opponents, you must return to a more realistic 4-4-2, then the lateral midfielders should be to ensure a certain coverage, unless you have a pair of extremely reliable midfielders in the central zone and opt for a defense rather blocked, even on the outer lanes.

Ziegler and Lichsteiner, however, they are not sure “pure” defenders, both of which prefer to push forward and participate in the development of offensive maneuver. In addition, Pirlo and Marchisio do not seem to be the watchmen breakwaters that would serve in such a strategic plan, while not disdaining protection duties of the defense department.

So, at first glance, it seems unlikely that Antonio will present his tactical set-up more than usual, at least considering the interpreters that we have hitherto assumed. Conte knows that the balances are essential for the proper functioning of a team, as well as the best known predispositions of men who must lead. Pirlo is the regista who is missing for four years at Juve, altering the game would be a shame just to find a place in a module that can not stand the figure of the center-pivot in front of the defense, the role and position that Andrea prefers no doubt is that allows him to start the action from his part, dictating the times and by relieving the burden of central defenders to set.

Chiellini has not by chance, in a recent interview with the national team, said: Pirlo takes away the anxiety of playing.” A statement is worth more then the endowment, a clear indication of what they expect from fellow former Milan player, especially the good Giorgio who is fed up of having to resort to the usual, long balls unlikely to serve his attackers.

Transfer Market developments, meanwhile, further legitimized by the capital increase launched last bodied CDA, could also change significantly the framework and of course we will soon have time and opportunity to talk about that with greater knowledge of the facts. For now seems to prevail especially the interest in Aguero, personally, I would feel even more urgent to address the attention to the defense department, the last year Juve real problem. The important thing, especially now that the economic means have been found, is to have clear ideas and not repeat the mistakes too frequently in the recent past. 

Juve can not afford this again.

by: Carlo Vassotto.
adapted by: Mike Prise