There is great expectation for what will happen tomorrow. There is great expectation to see what will be there waiting for the new house and see what the bianconero people will say . Tomorrow will be a feast of football but not only. A festivity that goes beyond everything: Juventus, first arise in an innovative concept in football. A position as a pioneer that has to be successful, it must be unique and that should lead Juventus to where she deserves. 

Juventus will obviously ahve to work for the technical project, for commercial marketing and the brand start tomorrow. Waiting for tomorrow is the air of celebration and emotion. We will be excited, just think what it is Juventus, what is the story of Juventus, not only for the Juventus fans but for Italian football. We will be excited We will be thinking about who we are, who will be but also for those who are not here anymore: the angels of Brussels, the players flew away like Andrea Fortunato, the big stars such as Gaetano Scirea, Alessio and Riccardo and of course the great presidents Gianni and Umberto Agnelli. 

It will be a night to live intensely, UNIQUE. Come to think of what will happen I have already the lump in my throat and a little bit, tears in his eyes, thinking about what is Juventus. Those tears that we had left in 2006 when someone was reading that unfortunate verdict. Now he hope to start a new page and that emotions can go back of being the winning of a time with tears of joy. 

by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise