THE GOOD: they are without a doubt the data of this Juventus. Best attack of all Juventus of the championships at three points along with Capello’s Juventus. Six points more than last year. Data to be confirmed, of course, until the end of the season, but they are a card ever for the precise, timely, accurate on Antonio Conte and his staff. We talk about attack in crisis, but this team has created a lot more than last year and is near to those who had in rose players like Trezeguet, Ibrahimovic, Mutu, Del Piero. Different teams but then with the same DNA: winning.

THE BAD: the whistles. They are the bad of this Sunday.

THE UGLY: Paul the Octopus turns into Panda Paul. Villain because he punishes as zorro with his diagonals and shots from away the opponents goalies . Evil? Not very bad and evil because he leaves the octopus to wear a uniform cap as Panda … strangeness of a champion.