We are the Future of Juventus!

As the famous King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold, Beppe Marotta is trying to do a quick course to turn into gold all the talents of black and white school. Solid gold, useful for making cash or obtain valid counterparts to increase the level of the Juventus team.

If the market in June, Giovinco has ended half in Parma and other young people were sent to experience, now Juventus finds itself with players who are fast duplicating their value. It’s the case of Immobile, of the same Giovinco , of Taider, obtained in the business Sorensen.

Less fortunate Pasquato and Giandonato, while Marrone has now joined the group’s first team. Marotta is smiling, but with Paratici has worked to create a strong Primavera where they are already distinct at least six talents: Chisbah, Magnusson, Gabriel Appelt, Padovan, Beltrame and the newest Bouy.

The latter along with Gabriel Appelt is one of the players from which there are higher expectations. If all gained a substantial foothold, for Juventus would be a big deal, but especially the knowledge that hard work pays off and that they are creating a small gold mine.

See what Appelt, Bouy and the rest of the Primavera are capable of…

source: tuttojuve.com by: Massimo Pavan adapted by: Mike Prise