After an evening like this, culminating in a victory always essential which is digging out S. Siro, it becomes difficult perhaps go look for the nitpicking. Yet the things to be improved this team has several. First things first. 

 Management of the ball possession. As we wrote yesterday in an article, the game expressed by Juventus is basically a football rich of pressing, intensity and rhythm in phase of not ball possession, the more staid when the ball is between the feet of Juventus players. Even on saturday, it was clear as Juventus is not seeking long pass the ball, even in plays from the defense line: the complicity of the thickening of the median by Ranieri in the second half, you probably have seen too many long plays, probably because of a certain tension in the players when you enter the last quarter of an hour of play. No coincidence that the entrance of Del Piero, a skilled to freeze the ball, changing the inertia of the ball possession in the final minutes.

 Cynicism wanted. As already against Fiorentina, but it’s a trend that has united all the matches of the team of Conte, we are ​​to comment on the provision of many opportunities opened up, so clear and the result of the collective work, with only two goals to his credit. If we would have found a immediate doubling with Matri (sharp on two occasions 0-1), we’ll probably talking about a Tennis score, seeing their defense. Instead, even on this occasion we allowed the opponent back into the game: unforgivable. Learning to close fast the games to handle them with confidence is essential, we would address the second fraction of the game with the knowledge of the result, without having to go to a thousand.

 Fullback on the weak side. As already with Ferrara – Zaccheroni and then Delneri, we still suffer from the changes of the game, with the fullback on the weak side, which tends to get in trouble (especially Chiellini who always tends to be sucked into the center, less with the disciplined Lichtsteiner). This is special, but it is a weakness that has been repeated in these first rounds. The goal from Maicon, however fortuitous, is the result of a game changer.

 by:Nicol Pozzi adapted by:Mike Prise