The night that we are waiting for to live is one of those to be told. Ferried from Charon into the hell of Istanbul, the team led by Antonio Conte looks for the qualification to continue to pursue his dream without fall in the “cup of the poor.” Juventus will field all that it  has in its body. Antonio Conte will focus on the ridge that to date has given us the most satisfaction: Buffon-Barzagli-Vidal-Tevez. The classical dorsal part of a team that leads the attack, through defense and the midfield.

Buffon – looking for the first, ie the game number one without taking goal. This year, travels with an average of 1.66 goals conceded in Europe, too many. He will try as world champion, one who knows the word “bedlam.”

Barzagli – will lead the defensive line. Is ready to one of the most aimed duel of the evening. Barzagli-Drogba, the wall against the ram. A Duel for cuirassiers.

VIDAL – the warrior takes the field to win the strait. Will have to use a hammer to hit hard and stop the action and the opposing foil to pierce the goal of Muslera. Objective? continuing to score.

TEVEZ – most awaited man in Champions League. In the league scored 7 goals in thirteen appearances. In Europe we are at 0. Tevez does not want to wait for any knockout to treat himself to the first joy in Europe. The future is now.

Four Musketeers and seven grooms. A total of 11 soldiers in the field and a troop of about 2,000 Bianconeri in the stands, tonight history is made to move forward in Europe, the one that really counts.

by: Massimo Pavan