“Good the first.” It could not be otherwise for someone like Andrea Pirlo, in great sweep in the first season friendly with Juventus. Juventus won the match by 12 to 1 against the representative of the Val di Susa, Andrea played the entire first half, directing the team’s game beautifully. The first balls were already his. Through balls, long passes and the game changes, these are the Pirlo house specialties .

Andrea has the foot warm, and it is one of its first conclusions on target for Juventus, a powerful ball, kicked from just outside the box, but it flies over the crossbar. But here comes the highlight of the talented regista. One of his balls deep kicked soft, perfectly reaches Marchisio, who tow with equal elegance and puts the ball in the middle where Matri can not go wrong and does not know the goal that takes on Juventus 2 to 1.

But the best was yet to come. It comes on a corner of Krasic short for Pirlo. Andrea entering the penalty area, with a mocking imitation double its direct marker and puts a ball in such a gentle caress for Sorensen who has only to sign the 4 to 1. A play enlightening, which deserved some other grounds to be played on. He could then not delight the stands with his favorite solo: the long pass. From midfield sees Quagliarella running, who with a fine lob reaches him.

The Juventus striker, perhaps inspired by his new companion, he seeks to impress. A touch down, one of those impossible shots by Fabio, that accompanies the ball before it touches the ground. The ball rises again at the top, but only the evil post denies Quagliarella the great goal. Pirlo continues to sew the game for the Bianconeri until the end of the first half. In the second half will have to make room for MarroneMelo pair.

But those 45′ has reviewed the talented lens that comes with the powerful regista of the National team. Even if the opponents were no match, Andrea has already proven to be able to make a difference at any level. Juventus, ensuring Pirlo for free transfer, has finally found the regista who so lacked.

It also found a worthy interpreter of that 21 which was of the great Zidane first, and unexcelled Thuram then, that for some years was wasted by playing dirty and not up to those two giants of football. If the good day starts in the morning, it must be said that the first Juventus take, of the regista Andrea Pirlo, is undoubtedly very good. Now we need to keep working, to be able to write something really important in the future of the Old Lady.

by: Antonio M. Paladino
adapted by: Mike Prise