The Fifth Element more difficult against a team that you know little, but that could be tricky and definitely will fight. Who know these players? J.Hansen; Parkhurst, Okore, Runje, Mtiliga; Adu, Stokholm; Lorentzen, Christensen (Beckmann), John; Nordstrand.

ANXIETY OF VICTORY: the need for victory should not be a bad counselor. It takes patience, you have to unlock the game and then the second goal as possible. The Danes are tough, run and fight, but if they get a goal they dissolve, score and assess well.

THE EUROPEAN DRAWS: six draws in Europa League and two in Champions. A European draw symptom to discredit and drive away with a great victory.

HOSTILE CLIMATE: Denmark is chilly, a problem for the muscles and for those who are not yet accustomed. Attention and cover well, therefore.

NEW WINGS: with Asamoah and Lichtsteiner at home, Juventus could pay the effect of unpredictability. De Ceglie, Caceres and Isla give certainty but it takes performance, we need continuity. Players must enter the perspective of turnover and positive embarrass the coach. Fans want to discover new wings.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT-THE UNKNOWN DANGER: When you do not know who the number one danger there is always a risk. The Danes have perhaps the hidden cards that could come from the deck. You have to be careful and avoid unpleasant surprises. In Denmark, the unknown danger must remain in the deck, to Alessio, Conte and Carrera the task of lowering the axes.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan