First international edition of the fifth elementand certainly would not be enough five elements to define the strengths of Chelsea. Maybe it could use a little user manual, but also we try to identify those that seem the five factors of interest 
STAMFORD BRIDGE AND THE EXCITEMENT: the stadium of Chelsea, as Marassi is a basin hot, The fans, as in the Juventus stadium are there and stare at you in your eyes, you can hear them breathe and scream like crazy. The more timid can scare the bravest would have to pull out “the soul of battle.” The excitement, however, could play a bad joke. 
FRANKIE LAMPARD: If Andrea Pirlo is the veteran on the one hand, we could say the same thing for Frankie Lampard, simply a legend. Close to Juve years ago, crowned his dream with the Champions League. 
JOHN TERRY: Twin of Lampard, orphan of Drogba. It is said that the great teams have their backbone goalkeeper-defense-midfield and attack. Cech-Terry-Lampard and Drogba have been for years the backbone synonymous with victories. The recent cases thorny of racism damaged his image, although we have seen that between what the media says and what happens always passes a big difference, however the player is of absolute value. 
DI MATTEO: the coach that you do not expect. After the exemption of Villas Boas, very few would have bet on the winner Chelsea in the Champions League, in a very few would have bet on Chelsea’s victory against Barcelona. Few have won, one of them is Di Matteo, serious Technician, prepared and hound: chapeau. 
THE FIFTH ELEMENT: EDEN HAZARD. For those who read us for quite some time, you will surely understand that we have a personal liking for this player. Innate qualities, such as class, the character, the desire to emerge and fantasy. We liked, we like, if he plays can be decisive, the fifth element is him, more than Torres, more than Ramires, watch and mark him with meticulous attention. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

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