Since yesterday we found out that the games end up at 2-0. With the goal of  Muntari the game would have closed there and the referee would have whistled three times. Oh no, it’s not so. How it could have end from 2-0, we can not say, maybe it would have ended 2-0, maybe 4-0 or maybe 2-2 with goals from Matri, to draw in thirty-eight minute of second half. 

Maybe the referee would have sent off Mexes for his fist and would not have sent off Vidal for a foul equal to that of Muntari on Pirlo few minutes before. In short, we can not know. We only know one thing, Juventus on the hypothetical 2-0 would have not let go, on the contrary. In Naples, in the same climate did not give up and under two goals has resumed the game, why could not have done it now? 

Who excludes this is in bad faith, or has never seen a game from Juventus this season, but is not surprisingly, the rest of the game and someone says that the game is distorted for one episode pro-Juve when there are at least three pro-Milan … mystery. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise