Without citing probable transfers, made ​​or any, we try to dwell on the catchphrase of the summer: the definition of Top Player. A definition that seems more a curse than a trip to fashion. A giant cross, a sword of Damocles hanging poisoned more and more menacingly over the heads of a dozen Juventus experts, Marotta in the first place. Will then the knight (our) Sir Marotta to defeat the demon of the Top Player? But what this definition really mean? is found to be only a game and figure to calm the populace, or is there more behind it?

Difficult to know the true intentions of those who act under the bianconero colours, what we know is that the fanstatico, shiny, expensive, cool, shiny, arrogant, wealthy and rebellious TOP PLAYER in Turin has not arrived yet. That does not make us nothing but pleasure to each other. You will say: Yes, but without champions what we will do? I answer: Yes, but with people who do not run where we arrive? and who or what is called a champion?

If we wanted to find a definition to the term TOP PLAYER, right now this would be, roughly: The term top player means that player willing to change his jersey for an amount not less than 35 million. So Aguero, Pastore and Sanchez are in this brilliant category, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez and Messi people who worthe almost like the Mona Lisa.

But we the fans are convinced that this is precisely the definition that we want? would not be better to become a top player that kind of player who in the field gives his soul, which is not affected by the press or longings for greatness and he feels the Juventus colors and into the bowels of that bubble in the heart? here it is, ladies and gentlemen. This is the definition that we want to have us at Canale Juve:

The term Top Player indicates that player, that regardless of his effective cost, allows his team, along with companions, to win games and to reach important sports goals, devoting himself heart and soul to the project, to the club and to the fans.

We therefore hope that our brave knight has also the right definition.