The most sacred part of a stadium. Where the pre-match tension is felt and finishing touches are put on the team’s preparations. Players sit in silence, mentally focusing on the challenge ahead, knowing that their team-mates will be doing exactly the same. The four walls of the dressing room are privy to the secrets of a football team, providing an area for high concentration before the time arrives to step out into an arena charged with atmosphere. 
Juve’s new stadium features three dressing rooms. One is for the Bianconeri, the other for the visitors and the third has been designed to accommodate another team in the event of friendly tournaments. The referees have been provided with two changing rooms, allowing facilities for female officials. Next to the dressing rooms are the interview areas and an anti-doping room. 
The team changing rooms are linked to the areas designed for managers, the medical section, physiotherapy room and the players lounge. In addition, Juventus players have their very own physiotherapy facilities which include a Jacuzzi and a plunge pool. 
Black and white are, naturally, the predominant colours of the rubber floor. The furnishings in the home dressing room have been designed with extreme comfort and aesthetics in mind. The seats are padded and ergonomic. The lockers open with ease and close magnetically – providing enough space to store four separate pairs of football boots. 
Everything has been put in place to ensure that Juventus players feel comfortable and fully prepared to face their opponents, who will instantly be aware of the task facing them when stepping into the the Bianconeri’s new home.