Of course, we are only at the beginning of a long and tiring season, but the initial 13 points in 7 games (though positive) do turn up their noses for what could have be and was not. The 4 draws with Bologna, Catania, Chievo and Genoa know much about amarcord last year, with Juventus unable to win with small and sink, on the contrary, the great. 

This start to the season, worse than that of previous years (but just look at the ranking of prescriti and Milan in order to understand the strangeness of this start to the season), reflects just that since the previous year with Juve who swept and dominated with AC Milan 2-0. However the “draws”, a kind of disease that has struck us in the latest games, the result of a game not quite up to par with Chievo and Genoa, which took home what we wanted and we could get, that is that small point, to help their ranking. 

Standings now see us third, Udinese has overlap, that on contrary seems not to give anyone anything for now, that from Lazio, which is slowly emerging from its shell. For a team like Juve is studying to be great, has got a bad grade in the last two tests: it must now work harder to remedy, because the first class, AC Milan and prescriti, slowly are catching up.