Maybe Dzeko? Perhaps Tevez?

The question which many fans do, is: for next year better look for a first striker or second striker? The difference are substantial and not trivial. Juventus in recent weeks is planning for next season and surely there will come a champion with a capital C, so it’s important to choose well. In attack, as already pointed out several times, Juventus is covered, but missing a player like Ibrahimovic that is, able to impact heavily on the game. 

In short, therefore, might start a new catchphrase with the names already circulating and doubt concerning the position: first or second striker, player more fancy or power? The alternatives are those that can be read with insistence and they come in all flavors. The first strikers could be Higuain, Dzeko or Berbatov. The second strikers Suarez, Jovetic, Giuseppe Rossi. In short, many names, a list that could still undergo major changes between now and August. I

In any case, the fundamental element is that this year will surely come in Turin a high caliber player, a player who should be able in the short or long term to affect on the economy of the games. Fans and Mr. Conte await confidently. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise

First or Second Striker? Who would you transfer?