Fourteen million, that much is the subject of the discord. Fourteen million as the amount that the Paris Saint Germain aims to give Marco Verratti. Figure to add an certainly important wage for a boy of nineteen. 
No one in Italy would be willing and able to compete on those figures. Ethics? Considering that ethics in Italy has gone in prescription for some time we feel to say that it’s okay like this. All right that Paris spend and spill, as of fair play who cares. It’s right to borrow as Real and Barcelona do, ​​and then Europe pays. It’s right to spend to madness, as does the Manchester City. 
We talk so much of fair play but the whole is  utopia, those who have money buy and maybe is good, when they did the rest of Cragnotti, the Tanzi, Berlusconi and Moratti was fine right? The discord is now worth fourteen million, but perhaps only because we’d like Verratti on our  team … 
But maybe it will be just a see you, who knows. 

 source:; by: Massimo Pavan

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