Antonio Conte has enjoyed for a few minutes the win against Bologna and after few minutes of peace began to think with his usual passion, precision and expertise to the challenge of tomorrow night. Many outstanding issues, fortunately positive having the whole squad available.

The challenge with inter is the game that everyone wants to play, is the challenge that is worth more than three points, that is something more that drives us to overcome obstacles, the hardships, the challenges continue. Antonio Conte has some dilemma in mind, we are sure. Certainly thinks that a player like Pogba, right now is hard to hold out, but there are two race horses like Marchisio and Vidal pawing.

Thinks that on the wings has to start over Asamoah and Lichtsteiner, confirm the three central defenders and attack who choose to accompany Mirko Vucinic. The dilemmas there are, because the attack plays and creates but does not score, the amount of work is not directly proportional to the goals scored.

For the dilemmas there is still time, Antonio Conte, takes care since yesterday …

source:; by: Massimo Pavan