We start from here! Grinta! and Unity!

TURIN, May 4, 2012 – As before, more than before. in the house of Juventus everybody believes, and how, winning the championship and nobody has the slightest, even recondite intention of being influenced – in terms of motivation and determination – despite the unexpected draw against Lecce rectified on Wednesday evening. A draw that has yes, made ​​their way to the finish line a little more difficult, but that still has not put into rising. If anything, the Juventus it is and remains the favorite. Antonio Conte is fully convinced he has said on live TV, Urbi et Orbi, when hot (and still a bit ‘mad …) had to comment on the half defeat just suffered: “We have wasted the bonus, we played the joker … That’s it. ” And he said also, and above all, to his boys: “We remain calm, because so much at the top of the table we are still us.” Well understood, the message for the team is clearly less easy-going and sweetened. The reasoning of the banner “However it ends, you will find that this has been an exceptional season for us,” or “we give maximum, and if won’t be enough we will compliment AC Milan” or also a diktat “history makes who wins, not who comes second.” But the substance does not change: “Trust, serenity, evil competitive here is the recipe.” With, about background, even the healthy and correct will to answer on the field to the continuous provocations coming from Milan: pure yet another reference to Muntari’s goal from Adriano Galliani (immortalized on the phone) will come in handy in the plans Conte for tripling efforts . 

ATTACHMENT The resumption of training, yesterday morning at the Juventus Center in Vinovo, has therefore been a sign of continuity, of normality. The will of society, leadership, coaching staff is just that of transmitting the serenity to the group “We remain the favorites, we are masters of our destiny,” on which will be based the final sprint. No sensational move, in short, in order not to give area of excessive importance to an ​​1-1 that, in hindsight, does not move much hierarchies. President Andrea Agnelli Wednesday night did a blitz in the locker room, as usual. Two words to the collective, a few words to the individual. Yesterday, however, did not attend the training: is considering whether to drop in today or tomorrow, but in this case that would be all in all a visit in line with what happens in practice. Instead, there were the managing director Giuseppe Marotta, the director Pavel Nedved, the sporting director Fabio Paratici. And there were, but in this case we are away from the center, dozens and dozens of fans decided to cheer their heroes, get them – if anything were needed – to give maximum, cuddling them. One in particular, of course: that Gigi Buffon who then rewarded the love with the sound of autographs. 

LAID TABLE But returning inside the walls of the Juventus Center, the attention of Antonio Conte was not so much aimed to Juventus number one, but rather, the entire collective. It is not (only) the duck’s goalkeeper to be left to digest by technician of Lecce: even (and especially) the difficulty of strikers midfielders and to concretize the massive amount of play it has whetted the dissatisfaction created to Conte. Because the blunder in defense may also happen, after all: to err is human, we know. But miss occasions on occasions and not close a game, vital, against a team left in 10 is diabolical … So is on this that he insisted, still insist Antonio Conte: woe to blame one player, but better to make all a examine of conscience. Quite quickly, before finally turning the page and – happily – think about the immediate future. Against Cagliari and Atalanta serve accurately and nastiness competitive. The season, effectively, regardless remains outstanding and no one can make any embossed on dedication and commitment of the team. But, at this point that “the table is set, you can not leave it to the others to stuff themselves …”. 

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva)
adapted by: Mike Prise