The Decalogue.

1) Apologize to the opponent after scoring a goal.
2) Reject always the penalties in favor and at worst shoot them closing our eyes or aiming to the stand.
3) To thank the referee who blows his whistle for a penalty against.
4) Send every week a bunch of flowers to  Carobbio’s wife.
5) Give Rolexes to the referees (an old idea always present).
6) Buy Muntari from Milan and let him do an own goal right against Milan.
7) Send to Naples, the Super Cup medals that have not withdrawn in Beijing.
8) Have visit Zdenek Zeman by Dr. Agricola, which should prescribe certain drugs to win games and increase the immune system of his defensive department.
9) Send to Moratti a compilation of the best phone calls of Moggi and a supply of recycled cardboard with which to produce ten more championships.
10) Organise courses of British journalism for sport journalists, football pundits for whom objectivity and fairness mean openly cheer Chelsea in the Champions League, and request the intervention of the office inquiries only for alleged errors arbitration proJuve, screaming “thieves” in live, talk about rubentus and never rubinter or rubmilan.

But would it be enough? We fear not. So we just have to win, but we can  laugh. It will be a laughter that will bury them!

We are Juve, they’re not!

source: tuttojuve.com